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Leg workouts for Men | 5 Best workouts for stronger legs.

Leg workouts for men: These days it’s hard to find good leg workouts for men. Why I’m saying this because everyone is following one another the same kind of leg workout program.

Legs are the most important body part and too many people ignore it when exercising.

What those people don’t know is that exercising your legs is important not only for legs muscle but it also helps if you’re looking to gain your upper body as well.

Your quads are the strongest muscle in your body. And it needs good training since it is the most working and bears more stress in the body.

So, if you work on your legs your full body will get the benefit.

Before jump into top best leg workouts for men, there are few important tips that must follow in order to get the best result.


The first thing is to follow a plain and simple diet which contains enough amount of protein carbs and good fat.

Because good diet will provide you all the nutrients to your muscle. Remember your muscles will not grow unless you’re putting in a good amount of calories every day.

You need a good diet to maximize your muscle’s ability to recover. Try to keep your protein intake 1 gram per pound of bodyweight.

This will ensure that your muscles are getting enough protein in order to keep it in an anabolic growing state.


In our previous articles, I mentioned that a night of good sleep is very important whether you’re looking for gaining or lose weight.

The same thing applied here if you will not get enough sleep your hormones will not work properly and lead to a state where your muscles couldn’t grow.

Proper recovery of muscles is very important to keep it in a state where they can grow and perform better.

In order to have a successful and good leg workout, you must sleep 6-8 hours a night. This will give your body ample time to recover from the training stress you provide upon it.

These are the tips above you should follow for any exercise goal you’re going to achieve.

Let’s go and take a look of best leg workouts for men and here it is:

1. Dumbbell split squat

Many people focus on barbell squat and dumbbell squat and neglect the dumbbell split squat not just because it’s tougher than regular squat

but because you need more focus and balancing to perform this exercise.

The dumbbell split squat is a multi-joint and unilateral exercise that targets not only the quads but hamstrings and glutes as well.

This exercise also improves your hip mobility and core stability making one of the best leg workouts for men.

Click to watch how to perform.

2. Barbell Front Squat

This is one of the best leg workouts for men because this really puts emphasis on quads.

But before performing a barbell front squat you must be experienced or use a spotter for this exercise.

This workout is easier on your back and knees than the regular back squat. Back squat generally associated with lower back pain although it’s not the exercise fault.

People focus on reps and weight more than the form they just do ego lifting and in the end, they face lower back issues.

That’s why I recommend trying barbell front squat as it’s as effective as a back squat in terms of overall muscle recruitment with less compressive force and extensor moment.

It’s also a good replacement for back squat for those people who are suffering from knee and joint pain for a long time.

Click to watch how to perform.

3. Dumbbell side (lateral) lunges

Tell me honestly how many of you perform side lunges. I’m sure very few of you.

This exercise is often neglected among all lower body exercises. But it’s a very effective exercise and targets inner and outer thighs and helps to tone up those areas.

This is all in one complete leg workout because it works on every leg muscle whether its quads, hamstrings, or glutes, and making it the best leg workouts for men.

You must add in to your leg day workout for maximizing the results.

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4. Stiff leg deadlift

Stiff leg deadlift is a great exercise for your posterior chain. This exercise targets hip flexion and extension and can be performed by everyone.

This exercise will allow you to increase your muscular strength and hypertrophy.

Muscles mainly involved in this exercise are hamstrings, erector spinae, lats, and glutes.

The main difference between this and Romanian deadlift is the degree of knee flexion and the range of motion.

During stiff leg deadlift, one minimizes all the knee flexion and targets more on hamstrings and lower back.

Performing stiff leg deadlift, the lifter can focus more on hamstring and lower back as compare to RDL (Romanian deadlift).

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5. Single leg standing calf raises with weights

This exercise is great for your calves. For performing this exercise, you can hold a barbell with some weights on your shoulder or can hold dumbbells in your hand.

This exercise improves your ankle strength and stability and helps with injury prevention.

Calf raises are also beneficial for an athlete who jumps higher during the sport. By building stronger calves with this exercise they can improve their vertical jump and perform better.

Make sure that you don’t focus more on lifting weights instead focus on contraction more (leg workouts for men).

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