How to gain weight

How to gain weight fast and naturally? Tips and suggestions.

Are you skinny? and want to gain weight and add some quality muscle mass in your body. Then this article is for you, gaining weight in today’s world is a huge problem just like to lose fat.

If you’re suffering from it and want to gain weight quickly then I’m sure u might have tried to read many articles, posts, followed a bodybuilder diet plan, and of course to take supplements.

But do you know that everybody has a different body and there is no “one size fits all program”

So let’s get down to the basics, there are two possibilities for you’re skinny either you eat too less or you eat enough but your metabolism is fast.

In both cases, it’s quite difficult for you to gain weight. So there are some points you have to take it in your mind before you think to gain weight.

And, remember I’m talking about weight gain in form for muscle mass, not dirty weight gain which includes excess fat.

So, here are some tips for skinny peoples who want to gain weight and looks good.

Tips to gain weight fast and naturally:

1. Eat more food


If you’re hard gainer then you have to eat more than those people who are genetically gifted.

They have a slow metabolism and they don’t really need to eat as often as much you need to gain weight and build muscle.

You should be eating every 2-3 hours at least because if you don’t your body will quickly burn off your regular diet and it won’t help you gain muscle.

remember this doesn’t mean that you can eat any food.

I’m not talking about junk food or any high sugary food. Because if you eat them you might gain some weight but in the form of fat, not muscle.

You’ve to follow a simple and plain diet plan. Which contains enough protein, good carbs, and healthy fat.

your every meal should consist of 50% carbohydrate 30% protein and 20% healthy fat.

Choose the right diet plan for you is a good idea according to your current body weight, age, sex, and lifestyle.

Calculate it all before making a diet plan because even a couple of 100 calories a day can affect the result you want to get.

Calculate the calories you need in a day here.

2. Customized training programhow to gain weight


If you want to gain weight and quality muscle then you need to give stress to your muscles through exercise.

Diet alone cannot do anything if you just eat more and more and don’t add training in your lifestyle then it will end up to gain excess fat.

You really need a good workout plan along with a diet plan. Try to hit every muscle 2x in a week for maximum growth.

Training single muscle once in a week is not a good idea, start your exercise with a 5-minute warmup on a treadmill or spinning bike.

Stretch your whole body before going to hit exercise and focus on compound exercises more compare to isolation exercises.

Examples of compound exercises are deadlift, squat, push-ups, pull-ups, bench press, and dips.

Performing 45 minutes of a workout session is enough if you want to gain muscle.

Focus on quality training instead of duration because 2 hours of weight training doesn’t make any sense.

Studies proved that 1 hour of weight training including warm-up and cooldown is enough for muscle hypertrophy.

Long workout sessions won’t help to gain weight instead to focus short and intense workouts and they will do the trick.

Following short and intense workouts will cause your muscle to undergo more stress, which will increase their mass and make them grow.

Remember if you have more muscle then the body will burn more fat, both are interconnected.

For girls, who think by doing weight training they convert into a bodybuilder is just bullshit.

Forget about female bodybuilders or any competitive athlete who performs on stage.

They are in a profession where they need to go through muscle enhancing steroids.

Because it’s not naturally possible for a female to get that much muscle in her body because the female body doesn’t carry enough hormone which helps to build muscle.

And that hormone called Testosterone.

3. Take enough sleep


If you’re doing weight training 3-4 times in a week in order to gain muscle mass then your muscles need enough recovery to perform better.

And what is the best option of recovery than sleep, Sleep is an essential part of our lifestyle,

not only it’s it is the ultimate form of recovery but getting enough sleep will also help to optimize your hormones profile.

When you train your muscles in the gym or anywhere you give them stress and should need to fully recover before they can go into action again.

Without adequate sleep muscle mass decreases and that’s scientifically proved, you can read the study on it by clicking the link below.

ISSA study shows how does poor sleep affects muscle growth.

A good night’s sleep also helps to lower down your daily life stress level. Whether it’s related to your work your family issues or related to any other thing.

We’ll cover top foods to gain muscle mass in our upcoming articles. stay tuned with us!

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