Full body circuit workout | How to perform | Tips and benefits

Circuit Training

Full body circuit workout | During this COVID 19 pandemic, everyone stuck at their home, missing gym and workouts. Every fitness freak and fitness enthusiast guy has a concern of losing their gains or fitness level which they achieved in past days.

Obviously it’s a matter of concern because it takes lots of dedication, hard work, motivation, and many more things.

But don’t need to worry guys, there are lots of things you can do at your home or wherever you stuck now which helps you to maintain your fitness level.

We are here introducing CIRCUIT TRAINING.

The purpose of this training is to improve not only our muscular endurance and stamina in our body but also our cardio-respiratory fitness.

Basically circuit training is a style of workout where you cycle through several exercises when one cycle gets complete, one begins with the same or different exercises for the next circuit.

To keep it interesting you can switch exercises and sequences according to your choice and capability.

You can also add the equipment that you want to add for resistance, there are a variety of options available like kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance band, thera band,  vipr, and many more.

List of exercises which you can include in your circuit training program.


*Jumping jacks



*Wall sit

*Mountain climbers


*Squat jumps


*V-push ups

*Triceps dips

*Leg raise

*Bicycle crunches

*Step-up on stairs/chair

*High knees

*Butt kicks

*Trunk twist

*Glutes bridge


*Plank with rotation


Direction to do:

Pick any of your 4-5 favorite exercises and make a set. For Example, we take 4 exercises here:

1.            Push-ups

2.            Squat jumps

3.            Sit-ups

4.            High knees

Let’s make a circuit from these exercises, there are lots of options you can play around with same exercises.

Like you can make a whole body, reps based circuit training program, or a time-based bodyweight circuit program.

Confused? let’s see how:

Full body circuit workout program.

1.            Push-ups 12 reps

2.            Squat jumps 12 reps

3.            Sit-ups 12 reps

4.            High knees 12 reps

First, do 12 reps of push-ups. Without pause then do 12 reps of next exercise which is squat jumps then sit-ups and high knees.

Once you complete 1 set of all these exercises without any pause it counts 1 circuit.

You can perform 4-5 circuits depends on your body condition, start with 1-2 circuits if you are newbie, and then move gradually.

Intensity level For full body circuit workout

Push yourself as hard as you can. if it’s doesn’t feel you challenging, switch from one exercise to another faster or Increase the intensity.

How many times in a week?

48 hours of recovery required after an intense circuit training session. So make sure you’re taking enough rest between training days.

If you’re a beginner you should start with a minimum of 8-12 reps in each set of every exercise. After some time you can move further following by your body capability.

Can every one perform circuit training?

Circuit training (full body circuit workout) is an excellent option to help you if you’re looking to lose weight and stay fit, regardless of fitness level.

It’s intense, so check with your doctor first, you might be better off starting with something easier, especially if you have heart-related issues.

If you have diabetes, make sure, you know what to do when your blood sugar level goes too low during exercising.

If you have any other, physical limitations if you can likely find something that finds work for you. An instructor or trainer can work with you to find some moves that work for you.

Benefits of circuit training:

*Improvement in cardiovascular fitness.

*Improves muscular strength.

*Improves muscular endurance.

*Increased adherence to exercise.

Exercise Precautions and Safety Tips.

full body circuit workout

*Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that can protect the heels and arches of the feet

*Always warm up before doing exercise and cool down afterward to lower the risk of strains and sprains.

* Don’t forget to stretch the whole body before engaging in any exercise (full body circuit workout). You should stretch after some warm-up.

Credit: Divyansh singh

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