Mistakes during fat loss

Mistakes during fat loss: Top common mistakes people do.

Mistakes during fat loss: when someone starts their journey towards reaching their fat loss goal, they do some mistakes due to incomplete knowledge and guidance.

they think by just cutting their calorie intake and doing regular exercise they lose their weight and cut down the extra fat.

It’s not that easy what you’ve thought in your mind.

so here we’ve researched some common mistakes people do during fat loss or weight loss goal and want to share with you.

Top common mistakes people do during their fat loss goal

Exercise Related- mistakes during fat loss

Relying too much or totally on aerobic exercises

Aerobic based exercises are good for your heart health and do help in fat reduction on a regular basis but also reduces lean muscle mass to some extent.

This will definitely show a drop in your weight but the reality is that it will be a loss of muscle mass, which is important for a human body to build as much as possible.

This can impact your metabolism, immune system, gut health, and endocrine system thus making the process of shedding fat strenuous.

No inclusion of resistance training in workout schedule

Resistance training or weight training has always been least considered when it comes to fat loss.

because most people especially females have the perception of lifting weights could bring some amount of bulkiness and gain more weight in terms of fat.

This is only a myth that weight training always makes one look bulky and gain weight,

lifting weights comprised with a nutritious diet will make you gain muscle mass,

greater the amount of muscle mass more the fat-burning machine body becomes.

Always running on treadmill

Too much running on treadmill do burn calories which results in weight loss not fat loss.

There is a misconception people have that losing weight is directly proportional to losing fat, which is not true.

both of them are different, fat reduction and weight reduction are two different things.

When it comes to weight reduction it composes of the whole body which includes muscle mass, water content, visceral fat, etc.

On the other hand fat loss is a loss of fat component from a body.

Running on a treadmill and exhausting oneself could eventually lead to a stressful condition and increase the secretion of cortisol(stress hormone)

which changes to a catabolic state and would make the process of losing fat difficult.

Diet Related

Eating too less and starving themselves from day one

When one gets involved in a workout to reduce fat first thing they do is starving themselves from a very first day.

This will shock their body by not providing the number of calories which it was used to.

following this will ruin their energy system which could result in dizziness, weakness, low blood pressure, hypoglycemia

which tends to inconsistent in doing the workout.

Not eating anything or starving themselves will make their metabolism slow which is the main reason one faces challenges in shedding fat.

Consuming less but heavy portions of meal in a day

When one consumes 3­-4 big portion of the meal in one sitting.

it leads to a long interval for your next meal as compared to having 5-6 meals of small portions in a day.

these long intervals challenge our digestive system and metabolism.

Consumption of such big meals creates challenges for the digestive system and further makes oneself sleepy and lethargic.

Not eating enough protein

Consuming appropriate amount of protein helps to maintain muscle mass.

which is beneficial for fat loss. Lean muscle mass helps body to burn fat while body is at rest.

Thus to build muscle mass one should consume enough protein.

The recommendation is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for average human beings

and up to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight for regular training individuals.

Recovery Related

Improper sleep

There is no diet in world which can accomplish what a sound sleep does.

Irregular sleeping patterns turn the body to stress elevated state where cortisol secretion increases and turns the body into a catabolic state.

And it severely affects the process of fat loss.

feel-good hormones like melatonin and dopamine production gets stopped.

which causes regression in the body’s current state, and the amount of recovery required gets affected thus tampers fat loss.

The body uses fat as fuel more during sleep. Proper rest is very important after the strenuous session if you’re looking for fat loss.

So this is it, we’ve covered some common mistakes what most people do during their fat loss goal. we hope this article will help you somewhere.

Credit: Jatin Yadav

23 thoughts on “Mistakes during fat loss: Top common mistakes people do.”

  1. Tanmay Tripathi

    Keep posting more and more stuff like this as it is helping me in cutting off my fat. Everyone should follow this. Great work brother!!

  2. Kushagra Pandey

    A well written article. It covered all the facts regarding fat loss. Helpful for me atleast. Everyone should give it a read.

  3. The best advice, I have ever received by a great tranner………..💪😊 mr. Jatin now i m waiting for your next fitness advice blog……share your fitness knowledge with us👍

  4. The best advice, I have ever received by a great tranner………..💪😊 mr. Jatin now i m waiting for your next fitness advice blog……keep sharing your fitness knowledge with us👍

  5. Very well said, Especially points regarding Diet related, not having enough protein are elaborated so well in above text.
    Good work and Keep it Up.

  6. Inderpreet Kaur

    Amazing content for the people who are working on loosing fat…👍 now i will be following this in my exercise routine.

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    Nice information on loosing their Fat. It’s good for me. And help me lot. Thank you for this post

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    Hmm… now i got why m always being fatty …. good knowledge jatin sir… really appreciable…. grt job

  9. Your blog is so full of great insights. I have found it extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing. Eagerly waiting for your next post.

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