Three pillars of fitness

What are the three pillars of fitness and their importance?

Three pillars of fitness: If you are not satisfied with your weight loss result or looking to pack on some lean muscle mass and want to live healthily,

and you are not getting good results from what you are doing to lose your weight or gaining muscle mass.

you need to learn the three pillars of fitness. Many people only focus on some areas and don’t understand the other important things in the strategy.

I believe learning these three pillars of fitness will surely help to reach the bigger picture of weight loss and muscle gain in your mind.

and eventually helping you to get your goals much faster.

Three pillars of fitness

1. Dietthree pillars of fitness

Diet-three pillars of fitness
Diet-three pillars of fitness

The first up is ‘diet’. what and how you eat has the biggest and most long-lasting impact on your health whether you’re looking for weight loss, muscle gain, or general health.

Dietitians and nutritionists spend a lot of time preparing personalized meal plans counting the right amount of carbs, fats, and proteins that are required by an individual’s body to meet their goals.

Although it is quite challenging to stick to follow a strict diet, it pays off in the long run.

Diet should be treated as the primary fuel required by your body to perform towards your goal

whether it’s weight gain,weight loss or general fitness

2. Exercise

Exercise-three pillars of fitness
Exercise-three pillars of fitness

Diet alone cannot give you the results that you’re looking for.

It should always be combined with the appropriate and right amount of ‘exercise’.

which is the second pillar of three pillars of fitness

You should always go for a knowledgeable trainer if you want to workout in the gym who can help you to achieve your goal.

you cannot achieve your goal without doing exercise.

The smart and right workout plan will help you to reach your goal so you have to work your ass off in the gym or outdoor.

a trainer will help you for extracting maximum results from your workout plan without any kind of injury.

Because if you injured yourself while doing a workout

it can lead to several weeks off from the gym and you will find yourself at the place where you’ve started.

Every individual has a different type of body and capabilities.

You should not follow any bodybuilder’s or celebrity workout plan blindly.

first know your experience level and see if that plan is appropriate for you or not.

you cannot do what they can do until you’ve reached their level.

and this is a common mistake that beginners do in the gym commonly.

it couldn’t help you rather you get disappointment at the end. So choose your workout plan and trainer wisely.

3. Recovery

Recovery-three pillars of fitness
Recovery-three pillars of fitness

Exercise and diet both can be out of whack if you’re not getting enough sleep. good sleep is a

must for the body to recover from strenuous sessions what u did in the gym.

6-8 hours of sleep is enough if you’re a college student or a job person.

recovery depends on the intensity level of your workout. the more intense workout you perform more recovery you need.

otherwise, you couldn’t give your 100% in your next session because you did not take enough rest to recover from your last session

and it can lead to decreased performance and overtraining syndrome.

OTS(overtraining syndrome) is a condition where you feel exhausted and it can cause chronic joint and muscle pain in your body.

It is advised to take enough rest for maximum recovery of your you can perform better with maximum effort to achieve your goal.

These are the ‘Three pillars of fitness’ you should follow if you want to get the best results for your goal.

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