Tips for a gym beginner

Tips for a gym beginner: if you’re about to join a gym.

Tips for a gym beginner: when somebody starts going gym they do some mistakes. here in this article, I covered few mistakes and tips for a gym beginner.

when I am talking about beginners it does not mean I’m referring to boys (teenagers).

it refers to all men or women of any age group who has decided to start doing exercises in the gym.

in order to transform themselves to lose fat or gain weight or gain some lean mass.

Starting with the Boys or an adult who has entered in the gym after watching a Bollywood or Hollywood movie,

they just want to look like their Idol anyhow in the shortest possible period of time,

many come to impress their crushes, some of them are inside after their breakups.

Tips for a gym beginner:

Don’t go for unrealistic Goal

What’s common among them are they just want a Monster physique within 3 to 6 months. which is impossible naturally.

let me aware you about your ideal physique which you have dreamed of,

Most of your role models who are inspiring you, they have the best access for the best nutrition,

organised workout, program and highly qualified and motivated coaches.

even if they go for steroids, there are the experts with them who are master in that particular field.

But, many of us who are students or doing 8 to 12 hours of job and hardly get pocket money or earning just enough to feed their families.

it’s not possible to invest with that effort in nutrition and workout program.

So what they do basically, they go to the gym and start following bro-science for achieving that level of physique in shortest period of time.

I am not criticizing anyone’s opinion here but to be honest,

the bro’s advice might work for them may not work for you.

because you need to understand every individual is different Here.

they have different strengths levels, muscle fibre types, nutrition, training history and lots of other factors.

in short, you need to understand what worked for him there is not any guarantee that it will work for you too.

Get advice from a good qualified trainer

Always go for a qualified trainer and gym with the best reputation in the market.

the reason I am recommending you to train under the supervision of them. because they exactly know what will work for you.

I understand that it’s not possible for everyone to hire a personal trainer but genuine general trainers

who are qualified they will give you a rough blueprint for free what you exactly need and you need to understand this thing,

they will not tell or suggest you which is not possible because it’s their business they earn by it and especially in India,

Trainers don’t get enough salary this is the truth. 

They earn only by personal training but you should beware of non-qualified trainers. 

The reason why I am telling you to stay away from unqualified trainers because they will try to cheat you with your emotions.

many of them suggest or sell anabolic steroids to their clients by saying that ‘it doesn’t have any side effects and it will not harm’. but the reality is different.

Many beginners might get trapped in this by these unqualified professionals, 

So before the following anyone blindly, ask them about their qualifications and the validity of your licence always.

the validity of licence might sound new to you. 

let me understand you, Certificates which given to the trainers from any institutions comes with the validity of a certain time frame

maybe it’s one or two years so that they can update themselves with the latest researches in the health and fitness industry. 

There are some formalities and after completing them the validity of certificate gets extended.

In India it’s not that popular but in foreign countries, you can’t work in the gym as a trainer without a licence.

this is the most common mistake among beginners in India.

We will cover the other mistakes  in our upcoming posts, 

Credit: Raghav Awasthi

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