Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises

Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises: going to the gym can be difficult sometimes either we have excuses or we have no access to the gym for a workout session. so here is the solution Top 10 bodyweight exercises and the great thing is you can do it anywhere.

you just need 40-45 minutes and you can perform these Top 10 bodyweight exercises anywhere you want without any equipment.

bodyweight exercises at home actually easier than you might think and work well to maintain your fitness level.

these bodyweight exercises require no equipment at all and will help you in toning your body, building muscle, and much more

So don’t wait, start these top 10 bodyweight exercises and get in shape faster.

Bodyweight exercises you can do without any equipment

1. Jumping jacktop10 bodyweight exercises

Jumping jack is known to be a classic exercise that can help you to increase heart rate and stimulate every muscle in the body.

the best exercise with you can start your workout session.

How to perform: stand straight with your feet together and hand placed on your side.

then in a single motion, jump your feet out to your sides and raise both your arms above your head then reverse this back to the original position.

2. Push-ups

Push-ups is the easiest exercise you can perform anywhere. the standard floor push-ups activate

almost every major muscle in your body and help you to tone your muscle, and increase endurance.

How to perform: Position your body with your arms straight shoulder with apart,

tight your core and then slowly lower your body until your chest is a 2 inch above the floor.

then push your body up with the help of your palm. you can add variations as per your fitness level.

if you’re a beginner start with wall push-ups or knee push-ups and then gradually go for standard push-ups.

3. Bodyweight squat

This is one of the best exercises to do for your lower body. it helps to strengthen your quads, glutes and other muscles in your lower body area.

Regular squat helps to burn calories and aids weight loss. it also helps to improve flexibility,

strengthen the core. the squat is easy to perform and you can do anywhere as per your convenience.

How to perform: first spread your feet apart a little bit wider than the width of your shoulder.

Straighten your arms in front of your body and making them parallel to the floor.

During the entire movement keep your body straight, with the lower back slightly arched then brace your core and lower the body as much as you can

by pushing your hips back by bending your knees. pause for a second and then push your body back to start position.

repeat for 2-3 sets 10-15 reps in each.

4. Tricep diptop10 bodyweight exercises

Tricep dip is a great exercise for you to build the muscle of your triceps. you can easily perform this at your home or garden area.

You can use a wall and chair for better contraction.

How to perform: Place a chair against the wall for better balancing. sit on the edge of the chair with your arm gripping the edges of the sides of the chair.

Extend your legs forward by bending at the waist.

Lower your body towards the floor by using the elbows, wait for a sec then raise your body to start position.

5. Hip raises

Hip raises is a great workout to strengthening your glutes, abs and hamstrings. and will help you to stabilize the core of the body and help you in back pain.

You should add this in your workout plan.

How to perform: Simply lie down on the back with your knees bent and keep your feet flat on the floor. place your arms out to your sides with your palm facing downwards.

Now keep your core tight, squeeze your glutes and then raise your hips.

Make sure your body forming a straight line from shoulders to knees. pause for few seconds and then slowly lower your body back to start position.

6. Plank

Plank is an isometric core exercise that helps to strengthen abdominal muscle including all the major muscle of the body.

Primary muscle groups involved in plank are back, shoulder, and core. it also helps in back pain relief, improves balance, boosts mood and relieves stress.

How to perform: Begin with your forearms and toes on floor, keep your torso straight.

Make sure your body in a straight line from ears to toe, no bending. and you should be looking at the floor.

Start holding this position for 15 seconds and over the time work up to 1 minute.

7. Mountain climbers

are a compound exercise that works on several joints and muscles at the same time.

And is a good exercise to maintaining a good posture during a workout.

Mountain climbers are a good exercise for building endurance level in the body.

How to perform: mountain climbers first go in a push-up position on your hands and toes, bring the right knee towards the chest, resting the foot on the floor.

jump up and switch with other feet in the air, bringing the left foot in and the right foot back.

keep your core tight and repeat the same alternatively.

8. Burpeestop10 bodyweight exercises

The all in one exercise, burpees works your arms,back,chest,core,quads,glutes and other muscles.

You name it, it works it. burpees are favorite exercise in HIIT(high intensity interval training).

and used in both whether it’s strength training or aerobic training.

How to perform: to perform burpees first stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and lower your body in squat position by bending knees. keep your back straight

Place your palm on the floor in front of you and kick your feet back and go into plank position.

Do a push-up and jump your feet forward. then jump straight upwards with your hand and arms raised over your head.

and then land to standing position. perform this multiple times.

9. Crab walk

Crab walk is an intense upper body workout that hit on your upper body muscles as well as lower body muscles.

it helps you to strengthen your shoulder, back, hamstrings, quads and other muscles in the group.

How to perform: First sit on floor with your knees bent. keep your hand two inch behind you.

lift your hips few inches off the ground, and step your right foot forward following by left foot.

This will count 1 rep. perform according to your fitness level.

10. Calf raises

As the name says calf raises are meant hit calf muscle group. there are two muscles in calf gastrocnemius and soleus.

you can perform calf raises with bodyweight and train these muscles and build them with ease.

How to perform: Start with stand up straight then raise your heel a few inches above the ground

hold the position for few seconds and slowly lower your heels down. do this for at least 10-15 times for a single set to be count.

Try these Top 10 bodyweight exercises and get the best result.

Note: You cannot achieve your desired result by just performing these exercises until you don’t focus on your diet and recovery. to know more read this article: three pillars of fitness

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