Benefits of resistance training

Benefits of resistance training | Top 5 reasons to add it.

Benefits of resistance training: Are you doing cardio regularly but still struggling to lose weight?

Although you may think that the answer to your problem is doing more cardio, the real problem may be that you are not doing any type of resistance exercise.

While often overlooked, muscle is a key factor for successful weight loss.

The five reasons why resistance training should be part of your weight loss plan are because they will allow you to:

1. Burn more calories-(benefits of resistance training)

Benefits of resistance training
Benefits of resistance training

Would you like to burn more calories even when you are not exercising?

While many products try to increase your sales by making this claim, you don’t need ANY of them to increase your body’s calorie burn.

All you need to do is add more muscle to your body by doing resistance exercises.

The reason it is possible to increase the number of calories you burn is that your body has to expend more energy to maintain muscles than to maintain fat.

Since calories are only a measure of energy, using more energy means more calories burned.

This is the reason why so many people trying to lose weight without adding muscle have so much difficulty avoiding the shedding pounds.

As you continue to shed pounds, the amount of calories your body needs continues to decrease.

Eventually, they get to a point where they are eating more calories than their body needs. When this occurs, the pounds begin to recede.

People who encounter this problem could avoid it by doing resistance exercises and building muscles along with their cardio.

This approach to losing weight allows you to increase the number of calories your body burns on a daily basis instead of decreasing its requirement.

2. Look slimmer-(benefits of resistance training)

Muscle not only burns more calories than fat but also takes up less space. This is because it is denser than fat.

Thanks to its density, exchanging muscle for fat will give you a slimmer look. Every pound you move is one step towards the body you desire.

This aspect of muscle is a great reason why you can’t just judge the progress of your weight loss by looking at a scale.

For example, if you trade 7 pounds of fat for muscle, just looking at a scale will mean you have made no progress.

However, changing this amount of weight to the muscle will significantly improve its appearance.

Using other tools, like taking monthly pictures and measuring your body fat, will help you avoid getting discouraged when you’re actually still making progress.

If you think muscle impact is limited to men, think again. Muscle is the key for women to achieve the slim and toned look they want.

A great misconception that prevents many women from getting the body they want is the notion that lifting weights and adding muscle will give them a bulky figure.

In reality, women don’t have enough testosterone to build large muscles naturally.

Instead, the muscle mass added to a woman’s body is responsible for making her slim and defined.

3. Increase your confidence-(benefits of resistance training)

Benefits of resistance training
Benefits of resistance training

A big part of losing weight is regaining the confidence you lost over the course of your weight struggle.

Adding resistance exercises to your routine can play an important role in achieving this goal.

Doing a workout that includes a wide range of resistance exercises is a big challenge.

Although you may be exhausted at the end of this type of training, you will also be very proud of what you accomplished.

Feeling this sense of accomplishment continuously will help you rebuild your self-confidence.

4. Improve your quality of life-(benefits of resistance training)

Another benefit of losing weight is improving your quality of life. Making resistance exercises part of your weight loss plan will directly increase the importance of this benefit.

Doing resistance exercises means that you are training with weights. As a result, your body will become physically stronger.

This added strength will allow you to participate in activities without fatigue.

If you have always wanted to try different outdoor activities but doubted because you never thought you were strong enough, resistance exercises will remove this obstacle.

5. Be healthier-(benefits of resistance training)

Benefits of resistance training
Benefits of resistance training

Resistance exercises not only allow you to get more out of life, but they can also improve your health.

In addition to the numerous health benefits of losing weight, adding muscle to your body can have additional health benefits.

A study at the University of California found that adding more muscle to your body can directly reduce your risk of diabetes.

Another University of Texas study found that muscle can make it easier for people to deal with many medical conditions.

For example, if you suffer a serious injury, this event puts a lot of stress on your body.

The researchers in this study found that the bodies of people with more muscle mass were more successful in managing this increased demand than those with smaller amounts of muscle.

The study found that the advantage of those with more muscle mass is valid for most chronic diseases.

Conclusion: How can you get the most out of resistance exercises?

Now that you understand the vital role resistance exercises play in weight loss, it’s worth learning how to make them as effective as possible:

Using a registry will ensure that you continue to progress by allowing yourself to continue challenging yourself.

Although you don’t have to keep track of every detail of the resistance exercises you do,

doing something as simple as jotting down some notes on your phone will ensure you know how much weight to use during your next session to keep your body challenged.

Hugging the variety and getting enough rest are the other keys to remember.

By rotating the muscles you work and giving your muscle groups time to recover between workouts, you will get the best results and help you avoid overtraining (benefits of resistance training).

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