Common workout mistakes

Top 6 common workout mistakes that can slow your progress.

Common workout mistakes: Are you frustrated that your workouts don’t lead to the results you expected?

If you’re constantly working but don’t see progress when looking in a mirror or on a scale, chances are you’re making one or more mistakes that are holding you back.

The good news is that once you know what mistakes you are doing, you will know what you need to correct to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts:

Mistake #1: Avoiding free weights(common workout mistakes)

Many girls think they will get deformed amounts of muscle if they train with weights …

Dumbbells and weights are not just for bodybuilders. If you want to lose weight and tone your body, you must use free weights.

Unfortunately, many people avoid free weights and only use machines for resistance exercises.

While weight machines aren’t bad, most aren’t great.

The big reason weight machines are inferior to free weights is because of the amount of work they do for you.

When you use a weight machine, you can only do one real job for half of each repetition.

This is because the machine will support the weight and remove tension from the muscles during the other half of the repetition.

With free weights, you work your muscles throughout the set you do.

For example, if you do dumbbell push-ups, you are not only exercising your biceps when you curl up, but you are also forcing them to work when you lower the weight back to your side.

Because free weights are the most effective way to do resistance exercises, they will help you get better results in less time.

Mistake #2: lifting in bad shape(common workout mistakes)

common workout mistakes
common workout mistakes

Although free weights are a powerful tool to get your body in shape, there are several mistakes that can decrease its effectiveness.

The first is to use poor form while getting up. Bad shape can not only limit the results you experience, it can actually lead to injury.

If you feel that your form has not been the best, or if you are preparing to start using free weights and want to avoid this problem, there are a few steps you can take to ensure good fitness.

If you have access to a knowledgeable personal trainer, their comments and opinions can be invaluable.

Even if you only schedule a few sessions, they can teach you a good way and get you on the right track.

If a personal trainer is not an option, the Internet is full of great videos that demonstrate the correct way to exercise.

While you can read how to exercise, most people find it much easier to watch a demo. Just be sure to choose videos with comments.

The reason is that you can refer to the videos to confirm that viewers agree that the correct way to do an exercise is shown.

Once you know the correct way to exercise, focus is the key to execution. You need to make sure you pay attention to each rep you make during a set.

If you notice that your form is starting to slide, pause and make the necessary adjustments before doing your next repetition. Proper breathing techniques also help with this.

By learning the correct way to exercise and then using that knowledge, you will be very happy with the results you get from free weights.

Mistake #3: Choosing too heavy weights(common workout mistakes)

The next mistake that can decrease the effectiveness of free weights is choosing too heavy weights.

This mistake is more common with men. While it may be tempting to let your ego get in your way, you’re not doing yourself any favors by lifting heavy weights that are too heavy for you to handle.

Men often choose too heavy weights because they fear looking weak.

Actually, if you talk to any guy who is serious about physical exercise and is already in good shape, he will tell you that he is much more impressed by guys who work hard with weights that are appropriate for their fitness levels than they are.

They try to look tough shaking with weights that are too big for them.

At the end of the day, you want results from your workouts. For best results, be sure to choose weights that challenge you but don’t overwhelm you.

Mistake #4: Choosing weights too light(common workout mistakes)

common workout mistakes

The other common workout mistake that decreases the effectiveness of free weights is choosing weights that are too light.

This mistake is more common with women. Because women are regularly misinformed that free weights will make them bulky, they often avoid anything less than a couple of pounds.

Actually, choosing heavier weights won’t make you bulky. In fact, while weights that barely weigh anything are commonly pushed as the solution to tone your body, heavier weights that really challenge your muscles will tone your body in less time.

Mistake #5: Too many repetition(common workout mistakes)

Performing sets with multiple reps are good. What’s not good is doing exactly the same exercises every time you exercise. If there is no variety in your exercise routine, you are limiting your results.

The reason you need variety is that your body is quite smart. If you always follow exactly the same routine, your body will adapt.

When this happens, you stop progressing. To avoid this plateau, you must keep your body guessing.

Keep in mind that variety is just as important for cardio as it is for resistance exercises.

Mistake #6: Not enough rest(common workout mistakes)

common workout mistakes
common workout mistakes

If exercising is good, isn’t exercising all the time even better? While many people fall into the trap of exercising their entire bodies 5 to 7 days a week, the truth is that this does more harm than good.

Although, it’s great if you’re active on a daily basis, you need to make sure you’re cycling with the type of exercises you do.

When working for a muscle group, give that group at least a few days to recover. By doing so, you will avoid injury and get better results than trying to exercise the same muscles day after day (common workout mistakes).

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